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Gioia Aloisi

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L'albero della vita

Defending Women's Rights




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The sculptures

The sculptures Touch senses and the Way are two multi-sensory works. They are way accessible to people with sensory disabilities. They are part of an interactive journey and research on the reopening of the sensory channels, undertaken by the artists for many years.

The sculpture Touch senses allows the fingers to get into the holes to explore materials of different types: tactile, visual, olfactory, auditory and kinesthetic.

The sculpture The Way suggests a multimodal route thought to enter into things, to modify them and to reflect on the context in which they appear. The "path" to follow is a metaphor for life. It is played with some important goals of human life through the invisible streets that each person creates interacting with objects and their tracks. The way invites us to listen, feel, smell, look and think ... get inside "the way" wearing a dress of discovery.

The works of art has been exposed in 2007 and in 2009 at the Poster Session of the Conference: MULTI-MODAL APPROACHES TO LEARNING, CREATIVITY AND COMMUNICATION. International Conference Sponsored by Art Education for the Blind, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Teachers College Columbia University. Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY







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